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Workforce collaboration and creating partnerships at work!

Auburn Public Schools, local employers, City of Auburn and Auburn Development Council are collaborating to address the local workforce needs.  In December of 2020,  there was an initial gathering to discuss the workforce needs and skills needed to fulfill current and future vacancies.    On June 10th the group reconvened to include educators and additional employers.   This forum provided a one-on-one conversation about skills, internships, apprenticeships, job shadowing, speaking to students, tours and employing students.   This continuing dialogue helps APS and educators create curriculum that is both beneficial to the students and employers.   

The goal is to have students ready to gain employment in the summer, after school and upon graduation.   Auburn faces similar struggles as the rest of the United States, where workforce is a challenge.   Collaborating as a community and working together, we can help resolve these challenges.  In addition to these forums, there is continuous communication between APS, ADC and employers.   Our local employers are great partners in allowing tours for Auburn Development Council’s Externship, Nemaha County Leadership and Manufacturing Day to name a few.  Together, we will help grow a strong and ready workforce.