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Auburn ECAP Community Survey Results & Community Conversation #2

Auburn community members participated in the second ECAP Community Conversation held on October 18 at the ESU#4 Conference Center.  During this conversation, the Auburn ECAP Survey Results  were shared. (click link for results)  

The results confirmed some things we already knew:  (not a complete list)

~ Auburn community supports its schools.

~ Auburn has a positive view of the healthcare services available.

~ Auburn has good people and a sweet small-town atmosphere.

~ There seems to be a lack of identity.  What is Auburn? What is its identity and what is it know for?

~ Housing  and broadband issues are a  concern?   

There were some things that surprised us: (not a complete list)

~ There was a higher percentage of young persons who responded.

~ From the census date, surprised at the number of individuals ages 45-65 who have left the community.

Preliminary priorities are: (not a complete list)

~ Vision:  The community needs a vision and defined identity to help guide growth for the future.  This must be communicated throughout the community.

~Entrepreneurial Supports:  Need to Add new businesses.  Need to have mechanisms in place such as LB840 to make this happen.  Having LB840 can help Auburn further support small businesses, existing and potential new businesses.

~ Culture of change:  How can we help the community build capacity and a willingness to change. Small steps may be needed.

Auburn Development Council has brought the Entrepreneurial Community Activation Process (ECAP) to Auburn because this is our opportunity to identify priorities, goals, potential projects, and challenges, We  continue taking positive and focused action steps to ensure our community is thriving and prosperous, increasing in economic growth, development and opportunity.  By investing now, we’ll continue showing the generations to come what a great place Auburn is.  It’s the place we love to call home.

The process is being led by Nebraska Extension and it continues creating  opportunities for all members of our community to share their ideas on the future through this series of community conversations. This process is helping us understand better our unique characteristics, community assets and potential opportunities. 

Auburn Development Council invites ALL members of the community to join us in the upcoming community conversation.  

The next conversation will be Monday, November 1st at the ESU 4 Conference Center.  We’ll begin developing a vision for Auburn and identify broad goals for future action.